• Customized Selection

    Top tier dogs: Heimdallr Dogs are tested and selected from among the finest breeders and kennels throughout Europe for their temperament, stability, loyalty, courage, and their ability to protect beyond the training field. Rather than housing dogs on site as they age and trying to match the proverbial round peg with the square hole, we search to find a dog that best matches your individual lifestyle, living environment, security needs, and energy level. By conducting an individual search for each dog, we can better meet your preferences with regard to breed, temperament, coat color and type, sex, size, age, the dog’s level of training, and your level of experience owning a dog.

    Keeping you in the loop: During the selection process we will send you photos and videos of candidate dogs. Our videos will show you a candidate dog in new situations and the dog’s response to pressure and general behavior. For example, how the dog performs and behaves in a home, out in public, in a new building, with children, or with animals. We will also show and explain to you why one dog, that may look super on a training field, is not as strong when in an unfamiliar or stressful environment.

    Satisfaction guarantee: At the end of the day, no two dogs are identical. Each will have individual strengths. Our goal is to find you the best match and give you the best experience with a Heimdallr dog. Therefore, if, within the first 30 days of ownership, you are dissatisfied with the behavior/temperament of the dog and the issues cannot be addressed through training and/or management, Heimdallr K9 Services will replace the dog one time, with a dog of similar quality and a similar level of training and/or title.*

    * Additional terms are detailed in our Sales Agreement Contract and Bill of Sale

  • Health Tests and Guarantee

    Health testing: At Heimdallr K9 Services, we do our very best to ensure that a Heimdallr dog is free from congenital health defects that would prevent the dog from performing its duties. Before leaving Europe, Heimdallr dogs are health tested including xrays to verify sound hips and elbows. During our hands-on testing and selection process, we also see to it that a special veterinary visit is conducted to run an ECG, blood panel, eye exam, and to check for other potential abnormalities.

    Health Guarantee: In the unlikely event a congenital health defect that prevents the dog from performing its duties or living an otherwise normal healthy life is diagnosed by your veterinarian and verified by ours within 30 days of delivery of the dog to you, we will replace the dog one time, at no additional charge to you, with a dog of similar quality with a similar level of training and/or title.*

    * Additional terms are detailed in our Sales Agreement Contract and Bill of Sale

  • Personal Delivery with In Home Training

    We deliver to you: At Heimdallr K9 Services, we want you to be completely comfortable, happy, and successful with your new dog. To ensure this, we bring the dog to you – to the home, lifestyle, and environment in which the dog will live and function. Over the course of two to three days, we will provide you with a minimum of eight hours of training and acclimation so you know best how to communicate with your dog and set yourself and your dog up for success. This training and acclimation gives us an opportunity to introduce your dog to your home, office, children, staff, grounds, hiking trails, or even a field trip to your local coffee shop. We will also teach you the commands and circumstances to which your dog will respond and demonstrate to you your dog’s protection capabilities and obedience training.

    Healthy living tips: It is vital to understand that even the most highly trained dog lacks judgement and self sufficiency. This is why we also provide you with tips for structure, management, feeding, grooming, and the basic equipment you will need to keep your dog healthy, happy, and well on his/her way to becoming a loyal and bonded family member.

    Continued support: After our initial delivery training and acclimation, we remain available to answer questions by email and telephone consultation at no cost. Refresher training is also available at our daily rate plus travel costs.

  • Discrete, Trustworthy, and Secure Services

    Discretion and trust: We understand and respect our clients’ need for and right to privacy, discretion, and security. We know that feeling secure when allowing new people into yours and your loved one’s lives and homes can be worrisome, especially in today’s world of self proclaimed and fabricated experts. Heimdallr K9 Services is born out of a team of trustworthy and proven professionals, vetted with decades of high-level security clearances, outstanding work records, and reputable references.

  • About Us

    K9 Experts: The Heimdallr K9 Services team has decades of real world K9 experience (law enforcement and military) both domestically and abroad ~ experience that goes well beyond the sport training field. Through these real world experiences, we have amassed unmatched depth of knowledge of working dog behavior and a deep understanding of the strength required in a dog that is asked to be a fierce protector while still being a loyal, loving, and trusted family member.

    Security experts: As experienced professionals who have chased down stalkers, kidnappers, murderers, and thieves, we are uniquely qualified to assess, mitigate, and address threats. Our goal, by incorporating a well trained Heimdallr dog into your life, is to provide a strong deterrent for crimes against you and give you peace of mind for yourself and loved ones.

    The Heimdallr Team: please click here to learn more about us.