Steve Stoops and Sonja Nordstrom, have been crossing paths in the professional K9 world since 1997 as colleagues with like-minded training philosophies and a passion for the working dog. They have “walked the walked” across the world and know what it is to rely on a dog for security.

Steven Stoops

  • 30+ years K9 training experience
  • Recipient of Presidential Award for exceptional K9 work
  • Internationally recognized K9 subject matter expert assisting elite military units to implement working dog programs
  • Selected and trained hundreds of K9s and successfully placed them in the field
  • Developed many training philosophies utilized today in the working dog world
  • Implemented and provided training for numerous government K9 programs throughout the United States and Abroad
  • Security Specialist at US Embassies throughout Europe and South America
  • Qualified expert witness with the United States Federal Courts on the subject of protection dogs
  • Past publisher of two working dog magazines

Sonja Nordstrom

  • FBI Special Agent (retired) specializing in the investigation of Crimes Against Children and violent crimes
  • 25+ years working and training K9s
  • 10 years K9 Specialist Handler for the FBI Evidence Response Team in Los Angeles
  • Search and recovery K9 deployments throughout the Western U.S. and internationally, including the Pentagon after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Middle East, Mexico, and Europe
  • Victim recoveries with K9s which led to homicide convictions and WWII MIA pilot recoveries assisted by K9
  • Recipient of U.S. Attorney’s Office Case Agent Investigative Excellence Awards 2002 and 2014 and FBI NCAVC Coordinator and FBI IINI (Innocent Images National Initiative) Coordinator
  • Lectured to hundreds of law enforcement homicide investigators regarding the use of K9s in investigations
  • Trained and titled dogs in the K9 protection sports of Schutzhund, French Ring, and Mondio Ring

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