In home acclimation training: Even though the dogs we select have high levels of obedience and protection training, they still need guidance to know how to behave within your environment and lifestyle. We want your Heimdallr Dog to become a bonded and loving partner and family member as quickly and seamlessly as possible. To accomplish this, we spend a minimum of eight hours over two or three days showing you how to clearly communicate with and enjoy your new dog. This training and acclimation gives us an opportunity to introduce your dog to your home, office, children, staff, grounds, hiking trails, or even a field trip to your local coffee shop. We will also teach you the commands and circumstances to which your dog will respond and demonstrate to you your dog’s protection capabilities and obedience training.

Healthy living tips: It is vital to understand that even the most highly trained dog lacks judgement and self sufficiency. This is why we also provide you with tips for structure, management, feeding, grooming, and the basic equipment you will need to keep your dog healthy, happy, and well on his/her way to becoming a loyal and bonded family member.

Continued support: After our initial delivery training and acclimation, we remain available to answer questions by email and telephone consultation at no cost. Refresher training is also available at a daily rate plus travel costs.

Private Sessions/Multi Day Seminars

We also offer the following training services at your location or one of ours in North Carolina or Northern Utah.

  • Obedience: basic, sport performance, and tactical
  • Protection: personal, law enforcement/tactical K9 protection, and sport
  • Detection: law enforcement, tactical, sport (scent work/nosework,) and fun
  • Search and rescue/recovery