K9 Rix

It has been about 1 1/2 years since we got our dog Rix from Heimdallr K9 Services (HK9.) We reached out to HK9 just days after our daughter was violently attacked by a stranger on her doorstep as she was heading out in the morning to work. As parents, we rushed to our daughter and did everything we could to make sure she was safe from further harm. But it was our daughter who wanted a protection dog as a long term solution so she could feel safe on her own in her daily life.

It was clear from the start that HK9 Owner Sonja truly understood our needs and talked us through our many questions and concerns about bringing a protection-trained dog into our daughter’s and our lives. When meeting and getting to known Rix, Steve was also there to show us Rix’s protection ability, obedience skills, and commands. It was abundantly clear in all of our interactions with Sonja and Steve that they sincerely care and wanted to be sure our daughter had a dog that not only made her feel safe but also a dog that has what it takes to protect her.

Rix has proven himself to be an extraordinary dog. He is a true and loyal companion ~ affectionate, loving, and stable. Whether tagging along on a trail ride, hiking or just sitting quietly at our daughter’s feet, he has helped all of us sleep better at night and helped our daughter maintain her independent lifestyle and personal strength.

Marty and Mike R. – Northern California