K9 Zory

After months of trying to find a suitable executive protection German Shepherd on my own without success, I contacted the pros at Heimdallr K9 and outlined to them my specific requirements, wants, and needs. Because I live in an active townhome neighborhood in Park City, UT, I wanted a young adult German Shepherd with foundation training that was smart and responsive but not aggressive towards people or other dogs. Sonja and the Heimdallr K9 team worked with my requirements to find the perfect dog in Germany and arranged delivery. Zory, now renamed “Jingles,” has adjusted beautifully to my lifestyle, bonded strongly with me, and is a fantastic dog with a great personality and temperament. Sonja has guided me with training and tips that have made the introduction and acclimation go smoothly and she continues to answer any training questions I have. Jingles has truly exceeded my expectations and I look forward to having many happy years with her at my side.

Thanks Sonja and team!

Susan C. Daniero | Founder and President | Materiell